Have a can-do attitude

The easy way!

There are times in our lives where we could all do with words of encouragement..

For example, when …

  • Starting a new project you’ve never done anything like before
  • Studying for a new qualification or exam
  • Training for your exciting new job or career change
  • Fitness training for sport, hobby or health
  • Going on your first date with that hot new romantic interest
  • Getting back to work after a long break

That encouragement can sometimes mean the difference between success or fail, in those types of scenarios (aka, attitude).

Do you, believe you can’t do it and don’t try?
Do you, believe you can’t do it and fail?

Or do you, believe you can do it, and try anyway?

Quite often those words of encouragement aren’t easily accessible 🙁

Nobody likes a negative nancy!

…enter pma247.com

What is pma247.com?

pma247.com is essentially an idea of strategically placing positive statements of encouragement and support, etched, into your surroundings (eg: where you work, or spend most of your time).

E:G: A coffee cup that says You are great.

E:G: A mouse pad that says You deserve it.

E:G: A wall poster that says You can do it.

(and vice versa), or any combination thereof.
It’s totally up to you!

Because we are ALL influenced by things around us!
The more you experience it, the more you believe it!

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