Have a positive mental attitude

On-demand (24/7)

And eradicate self-doubt.. the easy way!

Starting stuff new in life can be really scary at times,
We’ve all been there at some point in life!

For example, when …

  • Starting a new project you’ve never done anything like before
  • Studying for a new qualification or exam
  • Training for your exciting new job or career change
  • Fitness training for sport, hobby or health
  • Going on your first date with that hot new romantic interest
  • Getting back to work after a long break

Or maybe you’re just going through a hard time …


All you need, is a quick and easy confidence booster.
Someone to tell you … you got this!

Because beLIEving in yourself is half the battle!

But more often that not, someone is not easily around to give you that support, when you need it most 🙁

Sound familiar?
You are not alone!

pma247.com is there for you 😃

What is pma247.com?

pma247.com is essentially an idea of strategically placing positive statements of encouragement and support, etched, into your surroundings (eg: where you work, or spend most of your time).

E:G: A coffee cup that says You are great.

E:G: A mouse pad that says You deserve it.

E:G: A wall poster that says You can do it.

(and vice versa), or any combination thereof.
It’s totally up to you!

Because we are all influenced by things around us.
Don’t believe me?

Ask the billion dollar marketing industry!

Ever heard of the mere-exposure effect?
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It’s kinda similar ..

It’s like having someone cheer you on, but on a 24×7 basis!

But without the cost or impracticalities, of other methods.
Giving you that much needed edge, to get you through.

If you hear (or experience) it enough times, eventually, you’ll believe it!

Ever heard of Subliminal stimuli?
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It’s kinda similar ..

How much could you achieve with that kind of support?

How much would that kind of support be worth to you?

If this sounds great to you, then,
maybe it’s time for an ..

Attitude adjustment!

Maybe it’s time for the ..

Attitude shop!

to check it out 🙂

Because beLIEving, is being.
What came first? the chicken, or the egg?

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